"We selected Harren because of their impressive track record in helping closely held family businesses flourish through generational change. "

Bill Stephenson
Sr. Vice President and Chief Executive Officer of Virginia Tile

"Harren’s commitment to healthcare investing, coupled with their strong understanding of our business model and strategic goals, convinced us that they were the right group to provide value-added sponsorship in support of achieving our vision. "

Liz Tonkin
CEO of MedPro Healthcare Staffing

"A&A Transfer had been a family owned business for over 50 years prior to our partnership with Harren.  The culture that made us successful throughout the decades has not been changed by Harren. Instead, our service offerings and capabilities have been enhanced by the support that Harren has brought to the team. "

Maroon Ohanian
CEO of A&A Transfer


Here in the Midwest, we pride ourselves on the work ethic and dedication of our team members.  The professionals at Harren completely share these values through a hands-on approach to working alongside us every day.  While doing so, Harren’s extensive operating experience is crucial as we think through challenges and pursue growth.


Mike Cate
CEO of Marianna Industries

"I partnered with Harren because they took the time to learn my business from the ground up.  The Harren team helped to focus our strategy and provided hands-on support for specific initiatives when requested.  They were supportive partners, in the true sense of the word, every step of the way. "

Charles Lunsford
President of Virginia Candle Company


In the world of technology where our company operates, our client’s needs move at a face pace. Just as we are required to be responsive to our clients, Harren is equally responsive to our requests. Harren’s team is available 24/7 to provide thoughtful insight - and their flat structure allows quick and thoughtful decisions.


James R. Bowman
Chairman and CRO of Velosio

"In addition to financial resources, it was important that a sponsor have experience in our sector, a like-minded approach to the market opportunity, and access to strategic resources via an operating partner model.  In Harren, we found all three. "

Kristi Shain
CEO of Health Connect America


When I first met the folks from Harren, I recall being impressed by their emphasis on complete alignment with me and our AGI team.  My management group and our partners at Harren have an identical form of ownership which means risks and rewards are exactly the same.  That alliance allows each decision to be made from the perspective of increasing shareholder value.


Tony Romeo
CEO of Alliance Ground International

Harren Equity Partners typically invests in companies with $20 million to $200 million in revenues. Within this market, Harren targets companies that demonstrate the following characteristics:

  • Strong and proven management team
  • Organic, acquisition, or market-driven growth potential
  • High demonstrated return on operating capital
  • Defensible market position
  • High degree of predictability regarding product life cycles

Harren professionals have experience partnering with management teams in a broad range of industries. Regardless of their particular industry focus, the companies within our targeted market generally face similar resource constraints and management challenges associated with growth. As a result, our extensive experience in working with similarly sized companies allows Harren to make successful investments across a wide spectrum of industries.